Each year,the cruise ship industry brings millions of cruise guests to visit some of the most sensitive ecosystems of the Mesoamerican Reef (Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala).

Often, cruise destinations in the region lack the infrastructure and management to ensure that so many visitors do not adversely affect coastal and marine ecosystems.

Grupo Intersectorial

The G.I. The G. I. is composed of representatives from different segments of the tourism industry, business, government, civil associations and cruise lines, all interested stakeholders in the sustainable management of Cozumel.

General Objective: To create, promote and support projects that focus on the appropriate management of the impacts generated by the tourism industry in Cozumel Island.

Mission: Build shared responsibility (stewardship) practices for sustainable tourism industry in Cozumel.

Vision: To be a group leader who effectively articulates responsible participation in the social, business and government sectors, to achieve the sustainability of Cozumel as a destination.

Values: Unity, Commitment, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect