EWT: Environmental Walk-Through

The EWT program (for its acronym in English: Environmental Walk-Through) was designed to promote sustainable businesses and conservation of the coral reefs.

The objective of this program is to assist marine recreation businesses in improving their environmental practices. The program offers to the participants the opportunity to identify gaps in environmental performance based on widely recognized best practices, and provides advice and training to help companies in improving the economic and environmental sustainability of their operations. This is a site-based assessment of operations, followed by a series of recommendations to improve corporate environmental performance, based on the responses provided during the assessment process and the observation of at least one standard tour operation.

A healthy reef ecosystem is the foundation of a dynamic economy in Mexico. Tourists and prime contractors of marine recreation services have begun to show a preference for suppliers who adopt environmental practices that minimize the impacts of tourism on coral reefs.For marine recreation providers, (from diving, snorkeling and boat rental operations), improves environmental performance and not only contributes to the conservation of the marine environment and effective management of protected areas, but also leads to economic development sustainable coastal communities. Moreover, the adoption of best practices can improve the business to make its services more attractive to businesses and consumers looking for sustainable operations.

Companies participating in the program EWT: Environmental Walk-Through