"A theater for the lionfish"

Monday May 21, 2012 / by: Rodrigo De la Serna.

Nobody asks to build a theater for this animal. If it is not done for people imagine it to a fish ... The truth is that out there is a play whose main characters are the children and unfortunately another protagonist is the lionfish in the Caribbean waters, already mentioned on another occasion.

This time the theater in Quintana Roo wins again another of his battles, first to stage a reality that will affect us in the short term. Also because the play "The Lionfish, Reef's new neighbor" states clearly, details and cases of the presence of this animal in the world that we all live on the coast: the Mesoamerican Reef.

Another positive element of the work is its use of space, of the available stage. Actors and producers have made a cinema (Cinepolis) to become a multimedia theater, appealing to a demanding and sincere 60 kids not easy to entertain (make aware). And these young actresses, directors, actors, producers and others who accompany them, do so with quality for more than 40 minutes, the puppets, characters and atmospheres (auditory and lights) on "The Lionfish, Reef's new neighbor", remain attentive including adults, that children bring to also educate.


Environmental Walk

After several months of planning the Grupo Intersectorial (GI), advances in concrete actions that allow to promote, develop and support projects that focus in the adequate management of the impacts generated by the tourism industry on the island.

Among the actions that have managed to achieve, with the financial support of Conservation International, is the development and dissemination of videos about the marine resources of the island and its biological significance, which are seen on board cruises that visit the Island of Cozumel; being under development a new audiovisual product, aimed at sensitizing the local population about the fragility of our biodiversity.

In the area of training, with CIMAC group support, have given workshops on the proper handling of solid waste to employees of four companies of tourist services in the island.

Also, recently took placea mounting of an environmental stroll at the SSA cruises pier, with a photographic exhibition (environmental lobby) to show Cozumel´s natural beauty to tourists and the importance of conserving and protecting it. Participating Artists were: Federico Goes, Edgar Mendoza, Jose Luis Aragon and Tony Tate.

Isla Cozumel Isla Cozumel Isla Cozumel
Isla Cozumel Isla Cozumel Isla Cozumel

Awareness Videos

Cozumel esta en tus manos, llévalo en el corazón
Cozumel, Tread Lightly


Protecting the Natural Heritage of Cozumel

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Photographs raise awareness at the Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal

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